Chaunta McCollins
Chaunta McCollins Jennifer is an amazing mentor. She genuinely wants to see you succeed, and is she there holding you accountable every step of the way. If you are willing to put in the work, She is ready and willing to support you! If you are newbie she is no doubt one to know. An investment in her program is definitely money well spent!
Kiara Lopez
Kiara LopezAbsolutely love Jennifer west granahan as my coach!!! My partner and I started out doing wholesaling and thanks to Jennifer’s coaching. We locked down our first deal this month! So grateful and we look forward to extending our coaching 6 more months with you.
Kay Katch
Kay KatchJennifer is the real deal. No bs and experienced as well as actively working which makes all the difference in a mentor. She helps you stay accountable. Looking forward to more training with her.
Aretha Hutchinson
Aretha HutchinsonJennifer is an Amazing teacher, mentor and coach. She is very organized and really gives you the one on one attention to help you succeed. If you‘re looking to start doing real estate and/or you want to grow as a person in general. Give Jennifer a try, you won’t regret it!
Don Spur Sibley
Don Spur SibleyAfter researching creative real estate locally and clicking through numerous guru videos on YouTube, I found Jennifer. By the second or third video, I knew I needed her authentic perspective and fire in my process. Anyone can give you the steps to find and close deals, but are they accessible and make you feel like a friend? Network = Networth You cannot reach your potential without a mentor, reflection, gratitude and massive/consistent action. Jennifer really stresses the importance of all in everything that she does and you can hear in her passion that she actually lives it day in and day out. She and I agree that there has been no better time in history to create your own path to financial freedom, given the technology and resources we have been blessed with. I now wake up with a renewed sense of purpose and fire because of her guidance and what is possible. I would recommend Jennifer a thousand times over because I know her ability to encourage through FEAR, and help you get to that next level. The only thing that holds us back from accomplishing our goals, to live our dreams is fear. Jenn undoubtedly provides the tools to plant the seeds for development and success, the rest is on us to water for growth. THANK YOU JWG!
Flagan Humes
Flagan HumesGreat mentor, excellent coach and a wonderful friend. I’ve learned so much over the past four weeks about wholesaling and the real estate industry. I recommend her program to anyone who wants to get into real estate. Thanks again!